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Sahand Behesht Zamin​

SABZ Protein was established in 1966 with the aim of supplying meat and animal feed to the Iranian army in East Azerbaijan province and Bonab city. After years of cooperation between SABZ Protein and military organizations, since 1979 the scope of the company’s activities has expanded and meeting the needs of the people in the red meat production industry has been placed on the company’s agenda. In such a way that during the imposed war, this responsibility was pursued more seriously by the company. In those years, the company’s activities were carried out through the exploitation of different slaughterhouses, until Sahand Bonab Industrial Slaughterhouse was opened in 2015 and the company pursued its missions through it.

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Sahand Bonab

Industrial Slaughterhouse

Sahand Bonab industrial slaughterhouse with 13 years of history. Daily slaughter capacity of 1500 light-weighted livestock, 300 head of heavy-weighted livestock and 600 tons of sub- and pre-cold storage and packaging and freezing tunnel of 5 tons per day


Arman Aras

Industrial Slaughterhouse

Arman Aras industrial slaughterhouse of JOLFA

Daily slaughter capacity of 1000 light-weighted livestock, 200 of heavy-weighted livestock and 100 tons of sub- and pre-cold storage and packaging and freezing tunnel of 2 tons per day


Azar Protein

Packaging Complex​

AZAR protein packaging company is one of our internal stakeholders which is specialized in only packaging of the slaughtered livestock in the aforementioned slaughterhouses. This complex has a history of 20 years activity and a powerful distribution department which supplies different cities of Iran.


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