Risk Management

Our management team of specialists maintains the balance of risk, growth, and income in our company when taking any strategic decision at any stage of our supply chain. They manage and represent Tiryaki’s long-term goals with prudent risk management and ground realities.

Risk management team helps our all-level managers to identify broad and complex risks inherent in our business.

Our Executive Board and other sub-committees actively monitor that the company’s activities are transparent, accountable, fair, and responsible. The main principles we follow when making any decision include conservation of nature, protection of the environment, and the protection and equitable distribution of the rights of company employees and other stakeholders.

Proactive Risk Assessments

Our Risk Committee ensures that market, financial, and operational risks are monitored and controlled at all levels of the organization. Having regular meetings with Board Members, our Risk Committee assesses risks, plans all actions, and monitors the current status of ongoing activities. The Risk Committee presents the risk management report in quarterly management meetings.

Thanks to our proactive risk management, we have successfully navigated the volatility in politics, macro economy and agricultural markets.